Tips for Traveling Solo

I genuinely enjoy traveling alone.  It allows me complete control over every aspect of my trip, from date flexibility to the experiences I have.  I am better able to maximize spending for my personal happiness, even though there is no one to “cost-share” with.  If I’m not enjoying an activity, it’s ok to just move on.  I can go to bed and wake up when I want to, and I’m the one who sets the pace of the day.  I don’t have to wait around for my companion to get ready or pack up.  It’s a chance to really learn about new cultures since I’m focused on the world around me instead of my companion.  I actually find it easier to blend in with the crowd.  It makes the trip so much more personal, and it’s immensely satisfying to know you don’t have to rely on anyone else to get where you want to go.

Smart Packing for Frugal Travel

Frugal travel means taking one bag.  It counts as your personal item.  This bag should be easy to carry, sturdy, well-made and lightweight.  Check any travel size restrictions for your personal item before buying a bag.  Having a smaller bag forces you to pack less.  

How To Plan Frugal Trips

If you get the big things right, the little things don’t matter.  You have to be frugal before you can be reckless.  Get the core four (flight, lodging, transportation, food) right, and then rely on the good habits you’ve developed to help guide your experiences throughout your trip.

Frugally Reckless

Frugal means sparing or economical with regard to money or food.  Reckless means without thinking or caring about the consequences of an action.  How can you be frugally reckless? It seems impossible.  A perfect oxymoron.

It’s not, though.  It’s the best lifestyle ever.  I feel so much happiness and freedom.  I put as much of my daily life as possible on autopilot so that I can focus my energy on what really matters to me.  I am able to explore the world while being completely reckless and reliant on my good habits.

The goal of this blog help you build a frugally reckless life, too.