Guide to International Travel

International trips can be extremely eye opening.  You are able to immerse yourself in a culture unlike your own.  However, there are a couple things you have to remember before you can jet away to exotic new locales.

Amazon Prime Perks You Might Be Missing Out On

I have a subscription for Amazon Prime, and I find it extremely valuable for more than just free two-day shipping.  I end up saving more than the annual fee just from the extra services, so it’s worth it for me.  You still should always shop around when making purchases, and you can use to check the historical price of your Amazon purchases.  If you won’t use any of the other perks, I still recommend just using free standard shipping for Amazon purchases over $25.

Cutting the Cord for Airbnb?

Cutting the cord is a sensitive topic for people who “need” it, and fortunately or unfortunately, a lot of people see lazily watching TV for the week as one of the best parts of their vacation.  It makes cutting the cord much harder when your goal is hacking your house for maximum profits.