Am I Still Relevant?

Frugality is always relevant, of course.

So much of my successful adventures boiled down to timing. What’s still relevant? Am I just an interesting story, a footnote, riding off into the ether?

Lay Off My Latte (and Other Millennial Musings)

To preface, millennials were born between approximately 1980 and 1999.  The oldest are mid 40s, and the youngest are in their 20s.  It's not just "anyone younger than me."

Today's Episode of Cognitive Dissonance

Sometimes life hands you a lot of great things, and you know you should be happy and grateful, but you can't help feeling something just isn't quite right.

I wish I had more time to...

Every time you say yes, you are saying no to a million other things.

Anti-Budgeting and Household Financial Management

Count your pennies, and your dollars will count themselves.

I am paid to budget for my company, but when it comes to my own money, I've always found budgets restrictive and unhelpful. Instead, I am all about the Anti-Budget. It's easy to follow, and the focus is on the big picture of working toward your goals and spending within your means.

Frugal Friends Spending Symposium

There are times in life where I have been padding along, existing on autopilot.  I need something to shake things up and keep things interesting.  Sometimes that's cycling in and out of hobbies, looking at my career, reaching out to friends, or trying something new.  This week, it was the Frugal Friends Symposium.

Wonderful as always, Jen and Jill!

Little Free Libraries Update

Passion projects are so important for mental health and wellness.  My Little Free Library project took over our garage and front yard for almost an entire year.  Today, I'm excited to share that I was awarded the Todd H. Bol Awards for Outstanding Achievement in recognition of all my hard work spreading books to my community. 

Planning for Death

The title of this post sounds depressing.  That's because it is.  It's also really important.

5 Years of Cat Lessons

Our cat died last week at the ripe old age of 17. I feel the loss, but I am also relieved to no longer be a cat owner. The cat came with my partner, a two-for-one package deal. After five years of cat life, I may not have enjoyed every moment, but I learned a lot from her.