Where do we go from here?

I would never tell someone to risk health for money in this current climate by Airbnb'ing, so all those posts had to go. The rest of the posts just don't feel empathetic to the world's current struggle, so I said goodbye to them as well. Quarantine cleaning has extended to all areas of our lives, another example of Covid leaving nothing untouched.

My father and stepmother were in the hospital with Covid, but they thankfully are recovering. I am grateful to be fully employed and fully remote, as is my husband. My frugal box has been reduced to our house, but it's a beautiful safe space and I have finished multiple projects. I don't explore the world without a mask, but I have had fun matching my masks to my outfit for my grocery store runs. Family planning has been put on hold indefinitely, but it gives us more time as a couple. Our stocks took a turn for the worse early on, but are already back at their pre-Covid levels (and then some, as we continued to invest). We started HelloFresh to reduce grocery store trips and add some variety, and it has been a lot of fun and sufficiently replaced our desire to go out to restaurants. Our cleaning person is also self-isolating, so she continues to come every other Friday while we take our laptops to the lannai. Our lawn and pool cleaning schedules are unchanged. It's not fair when others are struggling, but I'm thankful and grateful for the privilege we have.

I've been extremely fortunate in that we are able to help our community during this time. I have been upcycling old newspaper boxes for use throughout the city as lending libraries, spreading brand new books and donated books throughout them. As of now, I have placed over 70 boxes in 62 locations. Interviews were done by Tampa Bay Times, Fox 13, ABC and NBC. We put about $1,400 of our own funds into the project now. If you feel inspired, donations are keeping our project going.

I hope you all are staying safe, staying healthy, and doing the right thing for your family. There are no right answers, only the reality we face.

100% Stocks?

That’s right, my accounts are 100% invested in stocks.  Even with the Covid crisis, the world in lockdown, and all the scary things going on, my allocation is unchanged.  I "lost" about $40k, but did not sell out or change my allocation, and my portfolio already bounced back shockingly fast - and then some.  I don't understand, because the pandemic is still going on and we still have people waiting in food lines, but there it is.

My asset allocation all has to do with wealth and earning potential.

How much should I be saving?

The Covid crisis taught us that no one is truly immune.  Make sure you are saving a good amount of money to keep your family financially secure.

I always recommend at minimum that you save 15% of your salary to put into retirement accounts, although it potentially means 40 years of work.  (If you start at age 25, you can retire at age 65.  Fair enough.)  Always take advantage of any employee matching programs, and contribute the minimum required to get the full match.  There’s not a one-size-fits-all answer for an overall savings rate, so let’s talk about what works for your situation.

Frugally Reckless

Frugal means sparing or economical with regard to money or food.  Reckless means without thinking or caring about the consequences of an action.  How can you be frugally reckless? It seems impossible.  A perfect oxymoron.

It’s not, though.  It’s the best lifestyle ever.  I feel so much happiness and freedom.  I put as much of my daily life as possible on autopilot so that I can focus my energy on what really matters to me.  I am able to explore the world while being completely reckless and reliant on my good habits.

The goal of this blog help you build a frugally reckless life, too.