Choose Yourself

Live your best life.
  • Eat well.  Generally avoid overly processed foods.
  • Get exercise.  Walk, run, lift, bike ride, whatever you want.  Just get moving.
  • Sleep well.  Go to bed at a reasonable time and let your body wake up naturally.
  • Moderate alcohol.  It's a depressant, and there is a lot of sugar in it.
  • Stick with positive people.  You are the summary of the people you surround yourself with.  Eliminate people who are negative or bring you down.
  • Don't waste your time gossiping or mindlessly scrolling.  You have better things to do.
  • Read every day.  There are so many good books, and you're bound to find some you really love.
  • Aim for gratitude.  It helps generate a feeling of abundance, which breeds contentment.
All of these things are ways to choose yourself over anything or anyone else.  Not every day will be perfect, but the important thing is keeping on trend.  Over time, anything that becomes a habit becomes easier.