Thoughtful Gift Giving Throughout the Holidays

Whatever your gift giving budget is, make sure you find the most thoughtful and memorable gifts possible.

The Best Investments to my Airbnb

Some conveniences are worth paying for, but some conveniences end up paying for themselves.

Hacking My Half-Million Dollar House

Living in a house has always been my preferred lifestyle choice, and getting paid to live in my house is even better.  When I moved down from Michigan, I had already been researching my area for 8 months.  The houses were extremely expensive, so I intended to get roommates to help with the cost initially and figured a partner could split the cost with me later.  The roommates turned out to be a disaster, and only brought in $1200/month anyway, so I decided a change was needed.  I tried hosting in my house for AirBnB in June, and found that it was far preferable to roommates, so I invested in the necessities to turn it into a solid business.