Tips for AirBnB Hosting

I will always rent out my house on AirBnB when I’m out of town because it’s such an easy way to cover the cost of the trip.  No matter how dirty things are when you get home, you can scrub things down and clean them well.  If things break, guests will usually pay to replace them, and I keep my valuables and important breakables safely hidden/locked away.  AirBnB takes the guest’s money up front when they book and directly deposits into my account the day after they check in, protecting us both.  AirBnB does a great job marketing.  They also do a great job with conflict resolution. See AirBnB’s insurance policy for more details on how they help protect their hosts.

Minimalism and Airbnb

The less you have, the better the experience for you and for your guests.

The Living Room Evolution

When I moved down from Michigan, I had sold my house and most of my belongings.  Rather than carry them across the country to a new home where the d├ęcor may or may not work, I decided it would be far easier to let it all go.  That meant that when I closed on my new house, I had next to nothing to put in it.

Buying My Second House

My move from Michigan to Florida felt both exciting and terrifying.  I considered renting for a bit, but my preferred lifestyle choice is home ownership.

My First House

After graduating college in 2012 and finding my first job, I kept living in my mom and stepdad’s house for about half a year.  I took advantage of the opportunity to save as much money as I could.  I first paid off my remaining debt, including the rest of school costs and a small wardrobe for my new professional career.  Then I focused on setting up my 401k and building a mini-nest just to get it moving.  After, the house fund was started.  I bought the house in June 2013.