Travel Hacking... and Why I Don’t

Travel hacking is the art of collecting credit card bonuses, frequent flier points, and miles to get free flights, hotels, tours, and more.  There are many people busy earning free trips, and googling “Travel Hacking” leads to a gold mine of tips.  It seems like a frugal dream.  Why don’t I jump on that?

Book Review: Meet the Frugalwoods

The one resource you will never get back is time.  Time marches on, whether you’re ready for it to or not.  If you’re unhappy, you can’t expect that you’ll magically find happiness by continuing to do the exact same thing.  Mrs. Frugalwoods learned this lesson the hard way, but shares her insights of her newfound knowledge in a witty, thoughtful story that will likely spare you years of unhappiness and mindless consumerism.