Life Lessons from Baby Yoda

"Life Lessons from The Child" as another acceptable title for this post, but as I'm a white pumpkin-spice-loving female, I have a preference. We've been watching Baby Yoda take on space in "The Mandalorian" from the comfort of our couch, and it's clear this kid knows his stuff.

Appreciate the Small Things

A cup of bone broth, a frog, a new adventure with new friends. Baby Yoda is here for all of it, too. Also, Baby Yoda is small.  The small things are great.

Practice Minimalism

Mandalorians live in quite a minimalistic state, and clearly Baby Yoda is here for it. All he has is his robe and his floating pram. It means he and Mando can travel quickly and efficiently, and they don't have to worry about things getting lost along the way. Frugal travel for the win.

Trust Wisely

Mandalorians follow a strict code of ethics, and they always follow through on their promises. That's exactly the kind of person you want to place your trust in, and hopefully that is also the kind of person you want to be. You can count on them to stick to their morals and do what they believe is right, every single time. Mando is forced to decide between completing his contract or protecting Baby Yoda. Fortunately, he made the correct decision, just like Baby Yoda knew he would.

Let People In

Mando suffered as a child from the loss of his parents and only survives because he's tough. Baby Yoda is tiny, green, and has significantly less armor - for now. He only survives with the help of Mando. Baby Yoda teaches Mando that it's okay to care and okay to feel, and Mando's shell starts to crack. Just a bit.

Fight Bravely

Small but mighty! Baby Yoda is willing to take on the world. Baby Yoda watches the disaster that is Mando trying to retrieve the Mudhorn egg in episode two, and he jumps in and saves Mando's life. Baby Yoda and Mando help save villagers from big walking guns in episode four, even though they are a fraction of the size and strength. Nothing was ever going according to plan, but he and Mando never gave up.

Pick Your Battles

You have to know when to fight and when you should sit them out. Not every conflict must involve you. Often, it's better to stay back and enjoy the broth or munch on a frog.