How to be a Good AirBnB Guest

I promise it isn't hard.
  1. Be kind and respectful.  Your host is a human who has (1) feelings and (2) all sorts of other responsibilities. Remember that your host is not on vacation, even though you are.  Respect their work schedule and follow their house quiet times.
  2. It’s not a hotel, it’s someone’s home.  Treat your host’s home the way you’d treat a friend’s home. (Better than your own.)
  3. Read the listing and a couple reviews fully before booking.  Hosts try to be thorough and detailed in listings to ensure accurate expectations.  Ask any questions beforehand.  This saves disappointment for both you and your host.
  4. Communication throughout your trip is key – and be polite when communicating.  Before your trip, let your host know why you are coming, when you are arriving or if there is anything you need.  You can include this in your reservation request.  If anything changes, let them know.
  5. Tell your host immediately if something is wrong, and not in the review after you leave.  As a host, there is no worse feeling than reading something in a review that you would have bent over backwards to fix if given the opportunity.
  6. Follow the house rules.  You can see the rules before you book.  If you don’t want to follow the rules, don’t book the listing.
  7. Always tidy up after yourself.  Leave things where and how you found them.
  8. Try not to smell up the house with cooking or other odors.
  9. There is no expectation to be social.  It’s your call.
  10. No need for tips!  We aren’t a hotel service, we are a host sharing our home with you.  Gifts are a nice gesture when useful or thoughtful, but the best gift you can leave is a 5 star review.  It bumps the listing up in the search engine.

When I book, I personally look for...

  • What amenities are included to help me travel light
  • Unique places with good photos and clear descriptions
  • Good communication from the host.  I reach out to establish why I’m traveling and for how long.  I ask them for suggestions or thoughts on plans.  I also establish whether or not they will be there.  I prefer to have someone there who can make sure I return each night.