Adventures with Engagement Rings

Huge kudos to my partner for nailing my ring.  Having never been engagement ring shopping before, I had no idea of what I wanted.  I like clean lines and delicate details.  I definitely wanted something durable (I’m accident prone, although my partner kindly calls me all-terrain).  Most importantly, I knew that I wanted something custom that represented me.

The Wanderer nailed it with a custom moissonite ring.  Moissanite is a space rock, and a sustainable alternative to diamonds.  It's a 9.5 on the Mohs scale, just shy of diamonds which come in at 10.  Moissonite has an amazing fiery sparkle to it, which I prefer.

Why Avoid Diamonds?

I wanted to skip the diamond for multiple reasons.
  1. Environmental impact.  Mining for diamonds leads to erosion, deforestation, and ecosystem destruction.
  2. Human rights violations.  The mining conditions in a lot of mines are apalling.  This isn't something I want our dollars to support.
  3. Cost.  De Beers has a monopoly and can inflate the price to whatever they want.  That money is better spent on our savings and our shared goals.
No one has asked me what type of stone my ring is, so they clearly assume it's a diamond, but I'm happy to share that it's a space rock should the topic come up in conversation.