Spice Up Your Life

You know when you're a kid in a candy story, and you want one of everything, but your parents know what's best for you, so then you have to choose because they know you shouldn't eat one of everything?  Then later, when you're an adult, you go back and are allowed to buy one of everything, but you know you really shouldn't because diabetes and cavities?

I bought a DVD of Spice World from eBay for $38.71, and I have no regrets.

I have entered the candy shop and only bought one item, even though I'm an adult now with an adult income.  I am really proud.

I was catching up with a friend last week, and the Spice Girls came up.  They were never big on her radar, and she had never seen the movie.  Obviously, the situation had to be rectified immediately.  Unfortunately, I couldn't find a rental online or a digital copy.  The VHS tapes were only $5, but I don't have a VHS player.  Effort vs Time, so I just bought the DVD and called it a day.

When the Spice Girls started gaining popularity, my friends and I would sing and dance on the blacktop during recess.  It was always a good time.  With my long blonde hair and pink shirts and complete lack of coordination, I was clearly Sporty Spice.  I'm no baby.

It was fun to recapture a bit of that playground fun when the DVD arrived.  I sang and danced along while we were watching the movie, drinking wine, and munching on popcorn.  There is an unadulterated joy to reliving bits of childhood while creating new memories and experiences.

All that said, I wouldn't want to go back and live through childhood again.  I've found being an adult far more rewarding and fulfilling.  It took years of therapy to overcome my depression and anxiety.  I'd hate to have to relearn what little patience I have.  I'm happy and grateful with where I am now, and I enjoy my family and relationships, my home, my hobbies, and many other projects I fill my life with.

Oh look, behind you!

No, that's not candy I'm hiding behind my back.  You must be confused. :)