Covid Travel - The New Normal?

I took my first trip since the start of the pandemic.  Lots of thoughts, foremost being I plan to stay grounded for the foreseeable future and am thankful I can.

I ventured up to New York for work.  I flew up on Tuesday morning, spent a night in the hotel, and flew home Wednesday night.  Face masks were mandatory in the airport and on board the flight, although many of the travelers weren't wearing them correctly.  Social distancing stickers lined the floors, and everyone kept their distance for the most part.

I'm so impressed with the crew, airport security, and everyone who helped us all adapt to the new normal.  This was not an easy task.  I'm sure many are like me and have avoided flying.

So much of our world has been changed by the pandemic.  A lot of us have woken up to the realities of those struggling, living paycheck to paycheck.  With unemployment only able to stretch so far in coverage, it became even more apparent that we all need a small stash for a rainy day and flexibility when it comes to expenses.

I am definitely grateful that we are heading back toward normal now that vaccinations are rolling out.