Book Club Book Talks

I've been going to book clubs at our local independent bookstore since November.  I keep myself organized with a google doc, filling it out for each book club book I've read.  It helps me sound far more intelligent and thoughtful than I really am when we meet (before the discussion veers off and we grab lattes next door...)

Hearing everyone's perspectives on the same books I have been reading has helped me become a better reader.

In true frugal fashion, I purchase one book per month from the bookshop where the meetings are held (specifically in an effort to support them) but most of my book club books are checked out from the library.

Book Club Thoughts Template

Book Details

  • Title
  • Book Club Date
  • Author (plus notes about their background)
  • Published
  • Genre
  • Format
  • Date started and finished

My Analysis

  • Would I read it again?
  • Would I recommend it?  To whom?
  • Themes/Characters that resonated with me
  • Emotions, thoughts or memories it brought up in me
  • Opinion about the author or writing style

Rating (from 1 to 5, including reasons or thoughts)

  • Writing style
  • Relatability
  • Originality
  • Readability
  • Personal Impact
  • Plot
  • My Overall Rating

Book Club Notes

  • Favorite quotes and other thoughts while reading that I might want to share
  • During the meeting, sometimes I add notes about things other people say

My Biggest Takeaway

  • What had the biggest impact on me?

Book Summary

  • I pull this from Goodreads.  I review it quickly before I arrive, just to jog my memory.