5 Years of Cat Lessons

Our cat died last week at the ripe old age of 17. I feel the loss, but I am also relieved to no longer be a cat owner. The cat came with my partner, a two-for-one package deal. After five years of cat life, I may not have enjoyed every moment, but I learned a lot from her.

Lessons From Cat

Always Get Enough Sleep

There's no reason to skip a daily nap, or three. Sleep is critical for basic function. Sleep on the couch, on the bed, on the chair, on the counter, on the table, on the floor, or on your human. Sleep wherever you find convenient and comfortable. Also, make sure you leave fur behind so that everyone knows that's where you took your nap.

Be Yourself

Always unapologetically do your own thing, and make sure you express yourself. Even at 2am, when the rest of the house is trying to sleep. They have to know how fabulous you are.

Forgive, but Never Forget

Enough said.

It's OK Not to Like People

Love your favorite bestest human. Everyone else need only be ignored or tolerated, unless they bring you food. In that case, maybe they are worth a head rub.


Spend half your time out in the world chasing lizards and snakes under the bushes. The world is absolutely grand. Except when it's 2am and you don't make it back before everyone goes to bed. In that case, scream outside the door for the humans to wake up and let you in. Remember, you need your sleep.

Eat Your Feesh

Always clean your plate. If you want food, scream loudly until someone opens the can of fish or the bag of treats for you. Oh wait, that's not acceptable in human interaction? I'm supposed to get food myself, as a fully functioning human adult? Hmm...

Bye, Cat. You definitely left your mark on our family. I hope there is lots of fish for you on the other side.